Can You Put Tree Stands on Public Land?

Suppose you are crossing a road and notice a tree stand over there; what will you do? Before taking action, you must know can you put tree stands on public land or not. Your taken action will be according to the law and orders in the area regarding tree stands.

Anyway, no matter where you live, or you’re going to, you should know the laws well, especially when you’re up to hunt.

Otherwise, you may face an unwanted situation if you set a tree stand without knowing. Let’s find out all that you should know before putting tree stands on public lands.

What Is a Tree Stand on Public Land?

You may have seen people setting up traps for hunting animals; these are not little ones like the rat-catching ones. These stands or traps are specially made for wildlife animals; you can also refer them to deer stands.

The reason for calling them deer stands beside tree stands is that cage-like traps are suitable for catching deer or similar wild animals. On the other hand, public land is a government-owned space that can be available for personal use.

A wildlife reservation center or forest is public land, but you cannot do anything there without permission to secure the wildlife and nature.

You have to take the legal department or state government’s permission before putting or setting anything on a public space.

Can You Put Tree Stands on Public Land? 

It depends on if your targeted area is allowed for hunting or not; if it is allowed for hunting, you can build a tree stand there.

You have to build the stands upon a tree so that when an animal comes there, it can trap.  You may have seen stands built on a tree while you pass a hunting area.

On the contrary, you will find signboards written that hunting is prohibited in areas banned to kill wild animals.

Sometimes the stands on trees may not be visible to others, and that sort of blind stands are not good for putting on public lands.

All countries and cities have the same rule that you can’t attach something like a nail, pin, or stick that isn’t visible.

The reason behind it is pretty simple because the blind stands may be harmful to people as well, especially when anyone accidentally gets inside.

The blind, children, elderly, or physically challenged people can get hurt by anything pinched on a tree.

When Is It Allowed to Put Hunting Items?

You can put seasonal tree stands on public land, but the area should be free from wildlife, nature, or rare animals. For instance, you can keep a hunting game of common things during the season, such as turkey.

Can You Put Tree Stands on Public Land?

You can fix a place for a game to be held and start the hunting competition, but ensure that nobody other than the competitors and jury enters. Moreover, you have to limit the time of holding the game or hunting. 

For example, you can set the period for a week or 3-5 days; you must end the hunting competition within these days and remove the stands as soon as possible.

If you don’t remove them, the local management will act against you; you may get fined.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where Should I Put My Tree Stands?

You have to put a tree stand from a tree at such an angle so that the sun helps you to see the trap. For instance, if the stand is west-faced, it would be easier to visualize the blind.

2. Can You Put Tree Stands on a Public Land in PA?

You cannot put tree stands without permission in PA, but if you somehow get that, you can’t keep them for more than 15 days.

3. Can You Put Cameras on Public Land?

Yes, you can attach small cameras on private and public lands for volunteer purposes; please do the necessary things to have your work done and remove them.


Now that you know about can you put tree stands on public land or not, you can be careful about your hunting actions? You can’t do anything that violates the local rules or may get you punished.

The best way to prevent those incidents is to read the laws for citizens, tourists, and even hunters. You can check some YouTube vlogs to know the whole process and rules.

Best of luck with your hunting, and choose a spot that temporarily allows you to put tree stands.

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