Top 10 Best Turkey Chokes For Mossberg 835 Review – 2023 Buyer’s Guide


Mossberg 835 is a great shotgun that is used explicitly for hunting turkey. The firearm is dependable. It is a 3.5 inches pump shotgun that was the first used in the world.

You will get a rapid and massive load of shots using this shotgun while hunting down the turkeys. Turkey is a huge bird that people usually hunt and have in their meals.

Best Turkey Chokes For Mossberg 835 2022

I never had one, so once I decided to go on hunting with my friends. But then, one of my friends asked, which is the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835? I replied that there are many and all of us can use different ones.

Turkey chokes speed up your shot as there are some amounts of compression at the tip of the barrel. Various types of chokes will fulfill your desired shot.

So, let’s dig in to see more turkey chokes.

Top 10 Best Turkey Chokes For Your Mossberg Shotgun

If you are looking for the best turkey chokes for hunting down the big bird, then you are in the right place, as I’ll be showing me some most demanding ones.

You will find every type of chokes, be it narrow or wide, large or small, and so on. So, check all the turkey chokes below and get an amazing one for your Mossberg 835 shotgun.

10 Best Turkey Chokes For Mossberg 835 Reviews 2023

1. Carlson 70160 Long Beard Ported Turkey Mossberg835/935 choke tubes

Carlson 70160 Long Beard Ported Turkey Mossberg835/935 choke tubes

You will get one black choke tube in this package. It is made in the United States, and the type of the product is sporting goods.

It weighs four ounces, and its dimension is 8 x 4 x 1 inch, so the choke will fit perfectly with your Mossberg shotgun. You can easily shoot your prey from a distance of 50 yards or more and not miss it.

This is one of the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835. Hunting turkeys using this choke becomes more exciting because you can smoothly takedown turkeys like tons of bricks.

It is not an easy task to chase a turkey and hunt it. Experienced hunters also can’t get the best turkey as they are swift.

So, it would be best if you had the best turkey choke tube with your Mossberg gun for catching a good one. And this Carlson choke is perfect for the pro-hunters.


  • High-quality alloy steel.
  • It is best for rainy hunts.
  • You can hunt turkeys from a good range.
  • It throws much tighter and excellent patterns.
  • This choke will make your Mossberg 835 deadly and impressive.
  • Long-lasting and performs exceptionally well.


  • It doesn’t fit with all Mossberg models.

2. Primos Hunting 6773 Tightwad Choke Tube

Primos Hunting 6773 Tightwad Choke Tube

This is a 12-gauge turkey choke for your Mossberg 835 or 935 shotgun. The pattern of the choke tube is very dense, with outspread pallets all over the 30-inch circle.

It is not very heavy and weighs 3.2 ounces. Green Supply manufactures it, and the dimension is 8 x 4 x 2 inches. You can undoubtedly shoot any turkey standing inside 40 yards using this choke on your shotgun.

It is made of alloy steel and has a black oxide coating so that the harsh weather does not damage its quality. This choke tube delivers tight patterns, and thus shooting the gobbler becomes less challenging.

If you are a beginner and planning to go out hunting turkeys, then this is undoubtedly a great deal for you.


  • It is extended and ported for a good shot on the field.
  • The coating reduces corrosion and rust.
  • It delivers heavier shots for the dense range patterns.
  • This choke tube is affordable.
  • It is very durable and can be used for a long time.
  • You can use the choke with other shotguns along with Mossberg.
  • The choke is very easy to install and remove as well.


  • You won’t get a good shot if it extends outside 40 yards.

3. Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935 TSS Turkey Choke Tube

Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935 TSS Turkey Choke Tube

The package is not very heavy as its length is 3.1 cm, width is 9.1 cm, and height is 19.2 cm. The type of the product is Sporting Good.

It is a quality product which is manufactured in the USA. This choke tube weighs 3 ounces, and its dimension is 8 x 4 x 1 inch.

You can have a deadly shot inside 50 yards or further. It also has an excellent high pellet count in 7 or 9 shots, and it is ideal for 12 gauge.

This is a perfect choice for long-range turkeys, as they can’t stand a chance from the hunter’s shot. You can maximum have shots in a 10-inch circle inside 40 yards.

You will get a choke wrench with this package, so you do not have to rebuy it. You can easily shoot many gobblers using this black choke with your Mossberg shotgun.

You are a pro-hunter, then it is definitely a superb one for you.


  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • This choke tube has tight tolerance, which ensures the best pattern.
  • Incredible choke tube for long-range gobblers.
  • It has a unique look to use with your shotgun.
  • It reduces recoil for better usage.
  • The choke is relatively cheap.


  • Not beginner-friendly.

4. Mossberg 835 12 Guage Extra Full Turkey Extended Choke

Mossberg 835 12 Guage Extra Full Turkey Extended Choke

This choke tube is quite light and weighs 0.63 ounces. The body is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. It can easily oppose the heavy turkey shotshells.

The patterns on it are extra tight with buffered lead and copperplated turkey shotshells. The dimension of the tube is 4.72 x 2.09 x 0.83 inches, so it is not very large and can be carried easily.

At the tip of the barrel, it extends about 1-inch and has a matte blue finishing which is mind-blowing. Using this choke on your Mossberg shotgun, you will get an accurate gobbler shot.

If you want a perfect headshot or a neck shot, go with this one and get your turkey. Attach the choke tube with Mossberg 835, and increase your kills.


  • It is made of quality steel.
  • The body ensures durability.
  • The small black tube enhances the beauty of your shotgun.
  • It fits perfectly with Mossberg 835.
  • It is made of a heat-treated durable body.


  • Not very cheap.
  • It does not fit with other shotguns.

5. Carlsons Choke Tube Mossberg M835/M935

Carlsons Choke Tube Mossberg M835/M935

This is a 17-4 heat-treated stainless-steel choke tube that has 0.735 diameter and 1.6 ounces weight. Its dimension is 4 x 2 x 2 inches and has modified constriction with a mark on the side for reference.

The end of the turkey choke is knurled for easy installation. It is one of the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835, as you can have lots of turkey shots using this one.

The pattern is absolutely fabulous, and its screws in and out snugly. You can simply hunt turkeys inside 40 yards or more, and it will definitely kill a gobbler at a distance of 7 pellets having a head or neck shot.

You can also use it as a replacement choke or an additional choke with your extraordinary Mossberg shotgun. You can hit many birds and score more using Carlson chokes. If you like this one, then grab it fast.


  • It has an excellent stainless-steel body.
  • The pattern of this choke is undoubtedly best.
  • The silver color body will make your Mossberg shotgun more elegant.
  • It is interchangeable with many other shotguns.
  • It has high strength and is easy to install.
  • This turkey choke fits and works perfectly without causing any trouble.


  • It is pretty expensive.

6. Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935Flush Choke Tube

Carlsons, Mossberg 835/935Flush Choke Tube

It is a 12 Gauge improved cylinder with 0.760 diameter, which fits with Mossberg 835/935. The product weighs 2.4 ounces, and the dimension is 7 x 3 x 1 inch.

Carlson turkey chokes are unquestionably the best as you can’t find a wrong on this tube. It will support you throughout your hunting adventure.

This choke tube is made of 17-4 Ph steel which saves it from rust. You will get fantastic headshots using this tube. In all the constrictions, hevi-shot or headshots are used.

Hunting becomes more thrilling when you get the best choke with Mossberg shotgun, and Carlson is providing you that.

But note one thing that, you cannot use steel shots with turkey chokes.


  • Heat-treated stainless-steel.
  • High-quality and provides excellent service.
  • You will get fast shipping right after ordering.
  • The price is affordable.
  • You can use it for a more extended period.


  • It fits with some specific models.

7. Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

7. Jelly Head Primos Maximum Turkey Choke Tube

The matte color attracts all the attention as it will definitely enhance your confidence while going on hunting. You can easily shoot a turkey inside 40-50 yards or so as it holds a charming and tight pattern.

This product is hunt-approved and field-tested; thus, it works unbelievably fantastic.

It is a good one for the experienced hunters as they can take down lots of turkeys, one after another, from a distant place.

The performance of this tube is incredible, and it’s one of the high suggested chokes which is in demand.

If you are looking for a turkey choke like this, then don’t waste any more time and book one for yours.

I bet you will surely love using it and become a regular customer.


  • You can shoot turkeys to longer ranges.
  • It increases the pattern density of your shotgun.
  • The black-make protects the body from rust.
  • It fits perfectly with all Mossberg 835/935 guns.
  • The tight patterns help you shoot down many turkeys.
  • Highly recommended choke tube.


  • Wrong choice for the starter hunters.

8. Carlsons 19954 Moss 835 12GA Mod

Carlsons 19954 Moss 835 12GA Mod

This turkey tube is hefty as it weighs only 1.6 ounces, and the dimension is 4 x 2 x 2 inches. Two types of shots are used in this choke which is steel and lead.

The body is made of stainless steel and fits only 12 gauge. When fixed with your Mossberg 835 shotgun, the silver color body will give such an eye-catching look.

If you get yourself a choke which you will love carrying and using, then eventually your confidence will grow; as a result, you can hunt more gobblers.

It comes with a wrench and an improved cylinder choke. The pattern is tight enough for shooting down turkeys.

You will not face any hassle while fixing the tube as it’s an effortless task to do. So, choose it and get one if this choke fulfills all your demands, then plan your adventurous turkey hunt.


  • Rust and corrosion-free body.
  • It is modified and fits well.
  • The installation is smooth and easy.
  • High-quality stainless-steel body.
  • You will get it at a reasonable price, and it’s worth the money.
  • Silver steel color provides a stylish look to your gun.


  • It does not come with a storage tube.

9. Carlsons, Mossberg M835/935 Flush Stylish Choke Tube

Carlsons, Mossberg M835/935 Flush Stylish Choke Tube

This is a cylinder constriction tube, and Lead, hevi-shot, or steel are primarily used in it. The tube has 0.774 diameters and 4 x 2 x 2 inches dimension.

There is no steel shot that is bigger than bb, or if the speed exceeds more than 1550 fps, it should be used in chokes that are tighter than full.

And the steel shot is more prominent than 4 are used in the turkey choke tube. Carlson turkey tubes are one of the best ones, and it is mostly in top demand of the customers.

Everyone loves using it, as shooting using this choke with their shotgun is more fun. You can effortlessly take down many gobblers with powerful shots.

The shots are even powerful if you shoot the turkey from a close distance, and the ones from a distant place are anyways speedy. If you often go hunting, then this is a good option for you.


  • Good quality steel body.
  • It will give your shotgun a sporty look.
  • No rust or corrosion.
  • You can carry it easily as it’s not very heavy.
  • You can shoot turkeys from a distant area.
  • The price is low.


  • It takes much time to arrive after ordering.

10. Carlsons Choke Tubes 12062, Carlsons Mossberg 835 Choke Tube

Carlsons Choke Tubes 12062, Carlsons Mossberg 835 Choke Tube

This matte black choke tube is made of stainless steel, which weighs 1.6 ounces. The dimension of the product is 4 x2 x 1 inch, and the patterned steel shot is perfect.

It has a more extended parallel section which allows denser patterns and fewer flyers. You can hunt turkeys from a longer range and take shots inside 40 yards or more.

This choke tube is one of the best patterning long ones. It is a 17-4 steel body that has a blue finish and knurled extension.

If you are an experienced hunter and want to try different shots from distant places, you can blindly go for this choke. You will indeed thank this tube after shooting each gobbler.


  • Best for long-range shots.
  • Stainless heat-protected steel body.
  • The black matte color tube will make your M835 attractive.
  • Good tight patterns for perfect shots.
  • It is very durable.


  • It does not fit all guns other than M835/935.

Buying Guides:

best turkey chokes for your Mossberg shotgun 2022

If you want to buy the best choke for your Mossberg 835 to shoot down many turkeys, but you are very confused about how to choose one, then don’t worry as I’ll describe every detail below.

You have to check a few things while buying a choke tube, and thus you’ll be able to purchase the perfect one for your shotgun.

Let’s dig in and clear all the confusion.

Sizes of turkey choke tube:

Choke helps to reduce the size of the barrel bore or constrict it. Due to this, the hunter gets a more precise and accurate shot of a turkey while shooting. So, let’s have a look at the constriction sizes of the tube below:

Improved cylinder:

If you want it for your 12-gauge choke system, this is a good option, as the constriction size is 0.010, and for the 20-gauge, the size is 0.007.

These chokes are tighter than street as you can shoot a gobbler inside 20 yards or so. The ideal distance is around 30 yards, so you can easily hit a turkey within this range.

This choke tube is best for medium-distance hunting. So, if you are a learner then, this choke might be a good option for you.


The size of the constriction for a 12-gauge choke system is 0.005 inches. The skeet is less tight compared to the cylindrical one.

Using this choke with your Mossberg 835, you will get an efficient pattern at a range within 20 yards. This choke is best for beginners as you can simply hunt small birds in a short distance.

So, if you just started your hunting adventure, skeet choke tubes are good ones for you.

Improved Modified:

The improved modified choke’s size is 0.03 for 12-gauge, and for a 20-gauge system, it is 0.021. These chokes usually do not come with the shotguns, so you have to order them if you want to try this one for shooting.

There is a marginal difference between the modified chokes and the other ones. You can try these chokes if you are fascinated by trying new ones. These could be a good option for you.


The size of the modified chokes is 0.014 for 20-gauge and 0.020 for 12-gauge. You can shoot gobbler inside 30-40 yards easily using this choke with your Mossberg shotgun.

If you are a regular shooter and go hunting very often, this might be the right one. You can make good shots and take down many turkeys targeting with this choke tube.


This choke has a 0.04 constriction size for 12-gauge and 0.27 for 20-gauge. It is known as the king choke of all and can make a longer-range shot using this choke tube.

The average distance would be 65 yards for shooting down a turkey easily. So, if you are a well-experienced hunter, you should go for this fantastic breath-taking choke tube.

Patterns of a choke:

Patterns are also essential to look at before buying a choke as not all patterns’ shots are perfect. You need to choose one based on the distance you want to go for shooting.

You can take a piece of paper, make a circle in the middle, and then shoot it from an average distance.

So, if your shot is 45 percent in the circle, go for improved cylinder, 60 percent for the modified choke, and 70 percent for full.

This is one way to check, but if you correctly know your choice, then go for that one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do the four notches on a choke tube mean?

Answer: The four notches are, one notch means full, two notches are improved modified, three notches are modified, and four notches mean improved cylinder.

2. Can you kill a turkey using a full choke with Mossberg 835?

Answer: You indeed can, but if the turkey is far enough, it will be a bit harder to kill it from that range.

3. Why do Mossberg 835 and 535 need different choke tubes?

Answer: These two shotguns need different chokes because the bore diameter is not the same. The M835 is overbored to 10-gauge, and M535 is standard to 12-gauge.

4. What is the average price of a Mossberg 835 shotgun?

Answer: A brand new shotgun would cost around 495 dollars, and a used one might be 359 dollars or so.

5. How does a turkey choke work?

Answer: At the tip of the barrel, turkey chokes provide a certain amount of constriction which, squeezes the wad and the shot to spread it out at a definite rate.


Now, you might have a clear idea about the best turkey chokes for Mossberg 835 shotguns. There are details about every kind of choke and also for all types of hunters. If you are a beginner, experienced, or learner, you will get chokes that fulfill your demand.

So, as you come across all the choke tubes, select the one that suits your hunting skill and plan a new adventure trip with your family or friends for shooting down many turkeys using these unique chokes with your Mossberg 835.

Make your trip exciting, and keep buying new chokes for shooting from different ranges. I hope you will love the product and enjoy your hunting tour.

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